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Earlier this week the-crazy-spork and I set up a new art forum here:

We've got big plans for our art collective over at the previously dusty goborobo site, but the main page is still in the works.  In the meantime, consider yourself cordially invited to sign up and join =)  We've already got a great core group of old friends and experienced artists to start with there.  Since the demise of our favorite forum a few years ago I think we've all felt a little nomadic, so it's time for some new strength in union!
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Grab it here, with cover/inlay art, and track list:


Last week, after seven years of togetherness, the-crazy-spork and I got married :D

For our reception I created a new dance mix/mashup of a bunch of our favorites (and a sprinkling of recent pop hits for good measure).  We also got the cover art printed and distributed it to our guests, though probably only half of them will actually listen to it XD  It's actually been finished for months, but I wanted to hold off until after the event to make it available online.

I didn't focus so much on using all new tracks this time around (i.e., avoiding songs I'd used in my previous mixes) because I was really on a deadline and had tons of other details to work out too (invitations, RSVPs, place cards, etc.)  I did, however, try not to repeat any previous mashups and use all of the tracks I'd used before in new ways.  This time I also tried not to extend any longer than a minute or so, to keep it dense and interesting and appropriate for decreasing attention spans =)  

Another new technique I tried was gathering all of the tracks first, then sorting them by bpm and key signature - something I picked up from doing a lot of live mixing with Traktor last year.  Although it took an extra day or two, it really saved time in the end not having to constantly search for fitting tracks or keep key signatures in mind, and made it a lot more fun to experiment try out mashups that I wouldn't have otherwise considered.
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new music coming soon, though.  only so many hours in the day.
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It's done!  Deviation for the cd cover is here:…

Tracklist is here:…

Mix is here:…

Please enjoy!
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back in march the-crazy-spork and i got hired at gaia online and moved back to norcal.  i'm totally loving it so far; it's a great place to work and we have a hell of a lot of creative freedom.  who would have thought how hard i would eat my words when the website i used to poke fun at her for spending so much time on would end up getting the both of us a couple of awesome jobs?

so i'm also busier than ever.  got some freelance stuff going on too, as well as nine medium-to-large sized personal projects in the works.  actually, eight now since i finished modeling your-fathers-belt's bleeUnit.  woohoo!
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so a few weeks ago i got hit with this nasty virus that infected all and corrupted half my exe files, including those required to boot windows.  by the time i had the problem figured out and tried to recover, i had made too many other mistakes and it was too late.  so i backed up my shit thanks to ultimate boot cd, formatted and installed vista beta 2.  for some xp wouldn't recognize sony's hard drive controller driver, but the vista beta would.  hopefully this thing will last me until the final is released.
man, fuck poser

really, it's almost like taking screenshots from a game and saying its your work.  oh, i posed the character that way.  i put them in that part of the environment.  i picked the hair color.  so it's my artwork!  uh-huh.  like no one's ever seen some borderline-anorexic white girl with a sword before

i guess the worst thing is that it devalues all of the other 3d artists who work hard trying to build anatomy, rigs, and textures from the ground up.

i've got no qualms with using it for reference and learning.  but about 96% of the "finished" work i've seen with it i can only attribute to the original artists and programmers
today i finished bleemix2, a 72-minute mix of drum&bass, r&b, j-pop, techno, house, ambient, vgm, and lots of other stuff, many of the-crazy-spork and my favorite songs over the last few years.  available pre-cut, spanning 46 mp3s in one convenient 100mb zip file, HERE:…

here is the tracklist in text format:

* 01 - persocon
kylie minogue - chocolate
high contrast - yesterday's colours
vangelis - rachel's song

* 02 - 08.09.02
teebee - quiet moment
amerie - why don't we fall in love

* 03 - half a world away
m-flo - miss you (free tempo mix)
darkhalo - stratosphere sniper
darkhalo - alicia keys karma remix

* 04 - shatter illusion
calyx - illusion
iain ballamy - close to you

* 05 - remember now
london elektricity - fast soul music
iain ballamy - close to you

* 06 - maybe
london elektricity - fast soul music
aaliyah - are you that somebody?

* 07 - warpstar engage
kirby canvas curse - plant plain
venetian snares - epstein-horshack lids

* 08 - yoshi's starbucks break
darkhalo - yoshi's caffeine
towa tei - latte & macaron

* 09 - planktofunky
electroplankton - beatnes
exile - crise de funke

* 10 - warpstar overdrive
kirby canvas curse - silent seabed
exile - crise de funke
venetian snares - epstein-horshack lids

* 11 - macrocosm
kahimi karie - blue orb
the future sound of london - my kingdom (part 4)
telefon tel aviv - fahrenheit fair enough

* 12 - ride on shooting star
m-flo - addp
hybrid - visible noise
timo maas - manga

* 13 - sounds like...
hybrid - visible noise
m-flo - listen to your heart

* 14 - pop couture
toronto - electric tooth brush
morning musume - love machine
super mario bros. 2 ost - character select
aphextwin - remix
bt - knowledge of self

* 15 - ko-an
animal crossing - 1 am
towa tei - audio sex (prefuse 73 mix)
aphextwin - remix

* 16 - sifu sing
kenji ninuma - disco*prince
ayumi hamasaki - surreal (bump & flex mix)

* 17 - sparkles
bt - knowledge of self
garbage - cherry lips
animal crossing - 1 am

* 18 - kiss & make up
bump & flex - promises (jazz 'n' groove mix)
basement jaxx - just one kiss

* 19 - this how we do
m-flo - taste your stuff
daft punk - aerodynamic
bushwacka! - monster
armand van helden - the funk phenomenon

* 20 - blayy
kaskade - move
jersey street - step into the light (weekender mix)

* 21 - astroglide
kaskade - i like the way
m-flo - astrosexy
dj hal - don't give it up (lawnchair generals mix)
alicia keys - feelin me, feelin u

* 22 - i love magic~!
kaskade - i like the way (troydon mix)
mylo - otto's journey
jim dale - harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, chapter 11 - quiddich
yu miyake - wanda wanda

* 23 - potter's last word
n'sync - dirty pop
daft punk - face to face

* 24 - universal love
kaskade - everything
aphextwin - remix
andy caldwell - the waiting game
daft punk - aerodynamic
daft punk - around the world

* 25 - follow my flying doves
dannii minogue - don't wanna lose this feeling
daft punk - around the world
akufen - deck the halls

* 26 - lacey [heart] you
m-flo - love bug (big bug nyc remix by hiroshima)
darkhalo - nyure lacey

* 27 - personality select
aaliyah - got to give it up (remix)
super mario bros. 2 ost - character select
animal crossing - 8 am
jamie lidell - when i come back around

* 28 - moonlight failure
sailor moon best song collection - morning moon de aimashou
arovane - cry osaka cry
venetian snares - nineteen 1319

* 29 - tuxedo rose
julie london - fly me to the moon
omni trio - kinetic

* 30 - luscious lunar lovin'
fernando porto - so tinha ser come voce
omni trio - kinetic
super mario bros. 2 ost - underworld theme

* 31 - bobby's turmoil
roni size - brown paper bag (nobukazu takemura remix)
john b - take me home
george wilson - prey
exile & john b - broken language (exile mix)

* 32 - love/hate
photek & teebee - mercury
mariah carey - we belong together

* 33 - consuming infatuation
alicia keys - you don't know my name
klute - hell hath no fury

* 34 - come over
aaliyah - rock the boat (remix by darkhalo)
high contrast - make it tonight

* 35 - stay over
mariah carey - stay the night
pendulum - girl in the fire

* 36 - midnight angel
john b - midnight air
towa tei - angel

* 37 - aura
ghost in the shell ost - virtual crime
audio active - penalty taker
deborah cox - oh my gosh

* 38 - haunted memory
alicia keys - goodbye
nujabes + fat jon - the space between two world
akira yamaoka - laura plays the piano

* 39 - sombre acceptance
caia - la telecabine
amerie - all i have
nujabes + fat jon - mystline

* 40 - microcosm
animal crossing wild world - evening theme
nujabes + fat jon - mystline
dj krush - parallel distortion

* 41 - barbara novak
yoshinori sunahara - the new world break
deborah cox - up and down

* 42 - pheromone
city high - caramel
fila brazilia - dna

* 43 - friday night
yukihiro fukutomi - brasilia 2000
darkhalo - sifustfu
final fantasy viii ost - odeka de chocobo

* 44 - oh, yes
m-flo - mirrorball satellite 2012 (SRATM mix by towa tei)
bentley rhythm ace - bentley's gonna sort you out
yello - oh yeah
soft cell - tainted love
bt & tsunami one - hip hop phenomenon (remix)

* 45 - just getting started
utada hikaru - wait & see
hybrid - theme from wide angle

* 46 - outro
hybrid - dreaming your dreams
ico soundtrack - impression
susumu yokota - tobiume

please enjoy!
that last journal entry was getting kind of stale.  it seems things have leveled out a bit here.  i see less and less of the super-amateur anime crud and a lot more professional quality stuff.  or maybe i'm just doing a better job of avoiding it?
in other news, i'll have my shiny bachelors degree in two weeks and then it'll be off into the working world.  with any luck i'll land myself a job at a local, respectable game development studio.  hopefully i'll still have time to work on my personal projects, which can be tough when you've got several, time consuming hobbies.  then again, i worried about the same thing when i started going to a "real" college after community college, and eventually i figured out how to make time.
it's kind of discouraging to see so many 20 minute wanna-be anime pencil sketches getting buttloads of attention and praise when you spend days modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, painting, touching up something and get a few comments here and there.  i don't want to sound like i'm whining for comments or ass-kissing or anything.. just saying it's discouraging.

it's also tiring to see so much of this endless anime crap.  i mean i'd even say i like anime, i've seen quite a few series and movies, a few of which are even favorites of mine.. but something about seeing hordes of young artists blatantly copying the style annoys me.  it's hard to put a finger on.. i guess it's just the lack of creativity involved.  so much can be done with digital art, so much potential for experimentation, innovation, exploring new styles..

but most of what i see is endless waves of very flat, very american, very wanna-be looking copies of one niche of a style.

maybe i'm overreacting.. everyone has to start somewhere right?  most people start off copying other artists styles..  i dunno, its hard to say.  anyway, i won't go off on that tangent.  the point was my initial discouragement :b
hey everyone.. bought a new domain and am sharing it with my bro and a couple friends (due to the death of newelement) so my url is now:

new design coming soon!
seems there are a lot of questions regarding my technique and tools, so, i guess i'll put it here.  mainly i use 3d studio max r4 and photoshop 5.5 for everything.  i usually render several separate elements out from max (at least foreground/background) and composite, touch up, and filter in photoshop.  if you're curious about my technique on a specific piece, i usually write somewhat detailed technical info about them on my webpage: &nbs… with everything) (minimal page with just art)